Analysis of substance identity and substance sameness of complex substances in REACH – expert study

How to identify complex substances in REACH? - Workshop

Workshop on substance identity of UVCBs and other complex substances in REACH

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Registration to the workshop is opened until 13 April 2015 at the website of the European Commission - DG Internal Market, Industry, Enterpreneurship and SMEs.

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The workshop aims to address the challenges faced by companies in identifying substances in the REACH registration process. All interested parties are invited to share their experience and discuss best practices in identification of substances in REACH.

The event will bring together stakeholders such as REACH consortia, REACH industry associations and individual registrants or consulting companies, as well as competent authorities and the national REACH helpdesks and representatives of ECHA and the European Commission. All organisations whose members need to know about substance identity in REACH are invited to participate and to contribute to the discussions.

The workshop will:

Proper identification of a substance is a key task in the REACH registration process. Within the REACH Commission Review from February 2013, it was confirmed that determining substance identity and sameness has proven to be a complex task. The definition of substance identity and the determination of sameness of substances are some of the most challenging aspects of REACH and a number of registration dossiers have been found to be non-compliant due to substance identity issues. Especially in the case of UVCB substances (substances of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials), clear identification poses objective challenges. The workshop therefore aims to address challenges in identifying substances to facilitate assessment of identity and sameness of substances to be registered within the 2018 registration deadline.

Furthermore, the European Commission decided to start this project to analyse major difficulties faced by registrants in assessing substance identity and substance sameness and to identify good practices and areas of concern requiring further attention. Interim results of the project will be presented at the workshop and will serve as basis for discussions between participants of the workshop.

The workshop will be webstreamed and the video recording of the webstreaming as well as presented documents will be available at the website of the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry.